5 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Stepping into a hotel room always feels relaxing and refreshing. The neatly made beds and sparse décor brings you an inexplicable sense of comfort. Many of us see this as the benchmark of standards to be maintained in our own homes. While you may not have the time to make sure the bed sheets are wrinkle-free every morning, there are still some tricks to keep your house clean and tidy (and maybe almost up to hotel standards).

1. Clear space, clearer mind

As Brian Sansoni aptly puts it, “There’s something about a clean home, a clean room. It does wonders for the psyche.”

An unkempt environment can have a great impact on your mental state. Can you imagine the stress and frustration that mounts up when you can’t find an item that you desperately need among the clutter? 5-ways-to-keep-your-home-clean-and-tidy
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Putting aside one day every three months to throw out items you haven’t been using could be your simple solution to a tidier living space. Seemingly daunting tasks like giving away old clothes or shoes help to free up your living space, giving you more room to breathe and can actually have a positive impacton your mental health!

2. Pack it, stack it, count it!

When you’re done with removing the unwanted items, organise the remaining ones! A lack of a proper storage system could lead to unintentional hoarding of expired items, repetitive purchases and a waste of money as shown in this interview conducted by the Straits Times.

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Actually, all it takes is a few simple system to keep stock of what you have!

1. Categorise your items eg. towels, cleaning detergents, body lotions etc.
2. Always have a designated place for each category; for instance, all cleaning detergents are to be kept in a cabinet under the sink. That way, you can easily keep track of the quantity for each item.
3. For items with shorter expiry dates (this applies mainly to condiments and food items in the kitchen), keep them in a visible place if possible. This allows you to subconsciously be reminded to finish using them before they go to waste.

3. Walls matter too!

This is a crucial point homeowners often overlook. Having clean walls provide a refreshing first impression when you enter and indicates that the proper hygiene in the house.

Keeping the walls in pristine condition is not easy. Wear and tear is common over the years and sometimes mouldmay even grow at the wall exposing your family to health risks and allergies like sinus problems, asthma or dermatitis (commonly known as eczema).

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One way to prevent this from happening too quickly is to give your walls a good coat of paint. Nippon Paint EasyWash, which comes with our anti-stain formula, a surface protector that makes wall maintenance easier. Not only is it resistant to stains; it also has an anti-fungus and mould feature!

4. Don’t feed unwanted ‘guests’

Leaving rubbish and food scraps lying around for too long attracts pests such as cockroaches or lizards. Parents, do also note that a dirty kitchen could also lead to potential health issues such as food poisoning or bacterial infections that could cause stomachaches in children.

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Build a routine of washing dishes after every meal, disposing of food scraps left in the sink and emptying the rubbish every day.This would prevent yourkitchen fromholding a feast for the pests!

Remember, a clean kitchen is not only great for hygiene, it also helps to make the countertops, cabinets and other kitchen appliances last longer.

5. Sharing is caring

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a shared effort. Get the cooperation of your family one coffee mug at a time – bonding time does not have to end at the dining table! Establish a norm of washing dirty dishes and putting them back in their designated spots together during breakfast. No helper? Delegate specific jobs to each family member and create acleaning roster. Teamwork makes dreams work!

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If you have young children, teach them to play a part by putting their used clothes and socks in the laundry bin. You can also inculcate the habit of housekeepingby making them put away their toys after playtime!

Admittedly, ensuring a clean home can be a little more trying with children. But we got you covered –click here for more kid-friendly tips!

04 Jan 2018

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