Paint Colours to Boost Mental Wellness at Home

Paint colours and mental wellness – ring any bells? For most people, that’s a solid no. However, what you should know is that colour schemes in your homes could play a big part in helping you to properly relax. Many studies in colour psychology have shown that colours can indeed influence our emotions, which also explains its usefulness in colour therapy. To boost your mental wellness (and that of your loved ones), here are some paint colours you may consider decking your house in.

1) Minimalist white

You really shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss white as a boring colour. It is commonly associated with purity and new beginnings, embracing your mistakes with its blankness. For the stylish, its neutrality guarantees a fuss free, yet timeless look. In fact, if you’d like a “bigger” home, you should use white as it amplifies spaces and makes your home look cleaner and brighter (but make sure your choice of paint highlights your home). White will soothe your frazzled nerves after a day’s bustle, gifting you with a refreshed mind to take on the next day.


HDB 4 Room Punggol Drive by Urban Design House

2) A balmy blue

There’s a reason why blue is the world and the web’s favourite colour. Seeking peace and tranquility above all, blue in its various shades is embraced for its ability to reduce stress and to create a sense of peace and order. If you’re feeling shaken and unbalanced, you’ll be soothed by blue, which represents trust, stability, and the calming nature of the sea and sky. Complementing shades of blue (or with other colours) can also be utilised together to create a harmonious scene as seen in the picture below. Try out this softer shade of blue that won’t fail you with its healing properties.


HDB 4 Room by AC Vision Design

3) Pretty in pink

While you may frown at this uncommon choice, this youthful colour actually conveys both the need for action of red and the potential for success offered by white. Don’t be so quick to dismiss it as a frivolous colour- when used in moderation, it is a good choice for evoking the emotions of sensitivity and hope. The abundance of pink in the visual masterpiece that is The Grand Budapest Hotel can thus be explained! The warmth of this colour also alleviates feelings of isolation and neglect, and reminds you to give yourself or others some TLC.


Playroom by Hugo Design

4) Nurturing green

If you have green fingers, you should already know that green symbolises growth, renewal, and rebirth. Like white, it promotes new beginnings, and is known to be an emotionally positive colour. For the adventurous at heart, brighter greens convey life and fertility, and will infuse your home with fresh hope. Associated with optimism and generosity, using green in your home will promote harmony. Most importantly, green is the most restful colour to the human eye, and is thus associated with health and balance. After being glued to your phone screen the whole day, make sure to stare at some greenery to restore your drooping spirits!


Keat Hong Crest by U-Home Interior Design

5) Jaunty orange

Orange isn’t just a yummy fruit- it’s a colour that radiates affection and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. As a visual pick-me-up, families who are fond of great outdoors should apply this vibrant colour to their homes. What’s more, orange is an invigorating colour that promotes communication. Orange walls may thus help to cultivate a warmer environment at home and make you feel even more loved.


HDB 5 Room By Imposed Design

6) Radiant red

Commonly characterised as the colour of passion, red is an excellent party-starter because it spurs you on and gets the beat going. It increases your cravings for food and other stimuli, giving you a potentially serious case of the munchies. Of course, you can’t forego it if you’re planning to confess to your undying love. This festive colour runs the town on occasions such as Christmas (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, anyone?) and Chinese New Year. A healthy dose of this fiery colour is sure to lift your spirits!


HDB 4 Room Choa Chu Kang by Renozone Interior Design House

Ultimately, choosing paint for your home can be a daunting task when you don’t know what you want or what to expect. Remember – make sure it represents you, and consult experts to keep sight of the bigger picture!

15 Feb 2017

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