Technology: What is CyGLAZ®?

CyGLAZ® is Revolutionary Innovation in Automotive Paint Technology with
Very High Cross-Link Density to
Achieve Superior Performance

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How does CyGLAZ® work?

CyGLAZ technology is a unique innovation using a novel class of polymer with hyper-branched, near 3D symmetrical molecular architecture. Compared to conventional functional resins, CyGLAZ resins have higher OH functionality per molecule, thus are able to achieve a uniform network of very high cross-link density in the coating dry film and deliver superior performance.

At Nippon Paint, CyGLAZ technology is incorporated into the clear coat of Nax Crystal 9905. It produces a superior coating that protects your car against various environmental factors and transforms it into a car of true beauty.

How does CyGLAZ® work?

Excellence 3

Superb Scratch Resistance
1. Superb Scratch Resistance

CyGLAZ® ensures high toughness and structural integrity of the clear coat, offering a perfect protection against scratches caused by stone chips, roadside brushes and animal scratches.

Its unique re-flow characteristic allows for a self-healing behavior of the coating film under conditions of stress.

2. Excellent Chemical Resistance

With its robust molecular structure, CyGLAZ® technology exhibits excellent resistance against a myriad of chemical elements that come in contact with your car every day.

Bird droppings, gasoline spills or water marks will no longer damage the glossy look of your car.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Superb Scratch Resistance
3. Ultra Glossy & Long Lasting Shine

Clear coats incorporated with CyGLAZ® resins produce a glossy finish with outstanding Distinctiveness of Image (DOI), comparable to the surface of a mirror.

With excellent endurance against all weather conditions, CyGLAZ® promises a long-lasting shine for your car.

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