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Ang Rui Jie, Manager
Ang Rui Jie

My professional trajectory at Nippon Paint Singapore has been marked by continuous growth since joining in 2019 as an Executive. Progressing through roles as an Accountant, Assistant Manager, and currently serving as a Manager in the esteemed Finance department, my academic background spans engineering and accountancy, beginning with a diploma in Engineering and transitioning to a degree in Accountancy.

In stark contrast to my prior role at an accounting firm characterized by solitude, my Nippon Paint experience has been transformative. Collaboration takes precedence here, engaging with various departments and gaining exposure to every aspect of our business. Daily responsibilities provide a unique insight into the manufacturing process, resonating deeply with my engineering background and fostering a continual sense of curiosity.

Undoubtedly, the most gratifying aspect of my tenure is the people. Nippon Paint exudes a family-oriented environment, where colleague interactions mirror the closeness found among friends or family. The genuine care and concern exhibited contribute significantly to the positive work culture.

As I navigate this stage, focusing on career-building and the prospect of starting a family, Nippon Paint provides a conducive environment for both personal and professional aspirations. Reflecting on the past four years, I anticipate assuming additional responsibilities and advancing my career. While my current role involves demanding periods, the unwavering support of colleagues ensures a balanced approach, allowing me to prioritize family commitments when necessary.

In essence, Nippon Paint Singapore is ideal for those with a growth mindset and a penchant for challenges. The collaborative atmosphere, coupled with ample career development opportunities, makes it a dynamic and rewarding environment for individuals seeking continuous advancement and personal fulfillment.

Joining Nippon Paint as a Human Resources Executive in May 2022 marked a significant step in my career journey, following my graduation with a Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management. A Singaporean of Chinese-Filipino descent in my mid-20s, I am currently pursuing a part-time degree in Human Resources.

My inspiration to transition into HR blossomed during an internship at a hotel chain, where I recognized the potential of HR to serve as a bridge between the ground-level workforce and management. Fuelled by a people-oriented nature and a desire to bring smiles to colleagues' faces, I made the leap from tourism to HR.

Working in HR at Nippon Paint has been a fulfilling experience, primarily due to the company's unwavering commitment to staff welfare. The provision of free or subsidized lunches, complimentary transport (with a shuttle bus conveniently stopping right outside my home), and the autonomy to work independently contribute to a positive work environment. My boss's supportive approach to my ideas and openness to process improvements, coupled with the understanding nature of colleagues, creates a conducive and collaborative atmosphere.

Volunteering on the committee of the Staff Welfare Club (SWC), where we plan events for employee engagement and welfare, has been a rewarding aspect of my role. The collaborative efforts of the seven-member committee resonate positively with the staff, enhancing the overall work experience.

In this phase of my life, my focus revolves around completing my degree, absorbing as much knowledge as possible on the job, and fuelling my passion for travel. Embracing a unique perspective on work-life balance, my work and life are intertwined, as the vibrant atmosphere at Nippon Paint ignites excitement in me each day.

If a friend were to inquire about working at Nippon Paint, I would honestly describe it as a dynamic and challenging environment that demands adaptability and quick thinking. To those undeterred by the challenge, I would offer a simple yet powerful word – Try!

Sharin Huang, Executive
Sharin Huang
Human Resource

Ng Hwa Swee, System Administrator
Ng Hwa Swee
System Administrator
Management Information Systems

Approaching my role at Nippon Paint with modest expectations almost a year ago, I was swiftly captivated by the warm and familial atmosphere that defines the company's work culture. This sense of camaraderie transcends departmental boundaries, creating an environment where collaboration is not just encouraged but deeply ingrained in our daily interactions. There is an unmistakable sense of unity as we collectively strive towards shared objectives.

My daily responsibilities involve troubleshooting in the mornings, addressing user issues that may have surfaced overnight. Afternoons are dedicated to the meticulous oversight of our systems' health, managing daily backups, and active participation in essential meetings that contribute to our operational efficiency.

A standout aspect of my experience is the empowerment emanating from the management. My boss provides the autonomy to manage tasks, fostering an open-door policy that encourages questions and collaboration. This approach ensures I never feel micro-managed, fostering an environment promoting continuous learning and growth. Additionally, the prospect of occasional travel, supported by the Singapore office, adds a dynamic dimension to my role.

Beyond the professional realm, Nippon Paint has curated a holistic work experience for me. The company has cultivated a vibrant community where colleagues seamlessly transition from work associates to friends. After work hours, engaging in invigorating badminton sessions and transforming our canteen into a lively karaoke lounge for post-work relaxation enriches my experience. Spontaneous gatherings throughout the week serve as opportunities to connect with colleagues from diverse departments, fostering unity and camaraderie. These informal moments, filled with laughter and shared experiences, enhance both my professional and personal life.

In conclusion, the most gratifying aspect of my role at Nippon Paint is the privilege of working with colleagues who have become more than just professional associates; they are true friends. Nippon Paint provides a platform where not only are my professional contributions valued, but the genuine bonds formed with my colleagues make this journey truly fulfilling. I eagerly anticipate continued growth and shared successes in this incredible work environment.

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