Sponsorship Policy

Our sponsorship policy gives guidance on what we can and cannot support in terms of the project itself and the organisations involved. Please read this before making an application for sponsorship.

Sponsorship is “the payment of a fee or payment in kind by a company in return for the rights to a public association with an activity, item, person or property for mutual commercial benefit”.

Sponsorship is a business agreement, not a gift. Sponsorship is not a donation with nothing in return, or a discount for normal goods or services.

We will:

  • Consider all sponsorship requests in an open and even-handed way and measure the request against our sponsorship evaluation criteria
  • Only consider sponsorship agreements with organisations whose products, services and values align with the strategic objectives and values of Nippon Paint Singapore
  • Consider the other organisations involved if there is to be more than one sponsor and in particular how other sponsors ‘fit’ with Nippon Paint Singapore
  • Require evidence of how sponsorship income is used

Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co Ltd (NPS) receive requests for sponsorship each year. All sponsorships are considered on a case by case basis. NPS sees value in sponsorship arrangements that help to create partnerships between NPS and the community.

Sponsorship criteria

NPS will only sponsor organisations that withhold our integrity and align with our commitment to enable vulnerable people to participate fully in social and economic life and build stronger, more sustainable and inclusive communities.

All applications for sponsorship must be accompanied by a sponsorship proposal.

Please allow a minimum of four weeks for your application to be fully evaluated.

What NPS will not sponsor:

  • any event or project that has a lead time of less than two months
  • any event or project that results in an employee of a public sector agency receiving a personal benefit from the sponsorship
  • tobacco and alcohol products and their advertisingany event, project or product that is likely to be controversial and could expose NPS to potential risk.
    This includes:

    • gaming
    • fast food products
    • any event or project that is discriminatory on the grounds of gender, age, sexuality, disability or race.
    • political candidates, organisations or pressure groups.

We would require any sponsored project to:

  • Display the NPS brand on any legal publicity – this includes brochures, advertising, website, exhibition materials, signage, information packs, etc – but must follow NPS brand guidelines and be approved by NPS before publication
  • Mention NPS in all press releases and media activity
  • Make available materials or reports produced as part of the project to NPS
  • Showcase our products and services. We would expect exhibition space at any event we sponsor
  • To provide a certain number of free tickets for NPS’s management & staff to attend

Sponsorship requests for decorating projects are designed for projects where volunteer labour is being used to apply the product. NPS will not be able to accede to an all inclusive sponsorship of labour and products if you wish to have professional painter(s) to complete your project.
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