Paint Calculator

*Do note that paint calculations are all estimated. Amount of paint varies on the amount of coat each paint product covers.

Calculate the paint you need:

Enter the height(m) and length(m) of the area and the product you want to paint.

or use these steps to calculate:
Step 01:

First, assess the size of the area that you’re painting. Measure the width and height of walls with a metal tape measure and multiply these together to calculate the overall square metre measurement.

Step 02:

Subtract the space used by windows and doors using the same calculation method as above, and remove these from your overall square metre measurement.

Step 03:

Multiply your new total square metre measurement by the number of coats you’ll need – we recommend factoring in at least two coats, especially for accent colours. It’s also worth including a little extra paint for touch ups.

Step 04:

Finally, divide this total value by the m²/litre number on the paint you have chosen (You can check the number on the paint can, our colour catalogues and/or online at our product information section). This will give you the total litres of paint you need for your painting project.

Step 05:

Don’t forget, the type of paint will make a difference and so will the manufacturer. A higher quality paint will mean using less paint to get a great result and painting experience.