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Karen Hu, Manager
Karen Hu
Specifier Relations

In August 2022, I embarked on a transformative career journey at Nippon Paint Singapore after 13 years in a waterproofing firm. Starting in the Waterproofing team and progressing to the Specifications team, I now serve as the Sales and Marketing Manager.

Balancing a thriving career with family responsibilities is paramount as a mother and with my husband stationed overseas. Nippon Paint's flexible work structure aligns seamlessly with my needs, allowing for a harmonious work-life balance and an easy-going management approach focused on meeting team targets.

Engaging with architects and fostering connections defines my dynamic role, and in just a year at Nippon Paint, I've met more individuals than in my entire previous career. Prioritizing happiness, I appreciate the stability but remain committed to personal and professional growth. Nippon Paint's courses extend beyond work skills, encompassing crucial life skills like mental health and financial literacy.

The Staff Welfare Club (SWC) adds a vibrant touch, organizing monthly treats and engaging events, fostering camaraderie. Recently, the SWC orchestrated a delightful lunchtime food festival, a free and enjoyable bonding experience.

In conclusion, Nippon Paint provides a vibrant work environment prioritizing professional growth and holistic well-being. If you seek an organization valuing both career aspirations and personal fulfillment, Nippon Paint Singapore is highly recommended.

As a Sales Executive in the retail team at Nippon Paint Singapore, I am compelled to share my enriching experience since joining the company in November 2022. Coming from a background in sales at a pharmaceutical company, where I operated as a solitary player, the transformative shift to Nippon Paint has been nothing short of remarkable.

In my former role, the competitive landscape pitted me against both the world and my teammates. It was a relentless pursuit of individual targets. Contrastingly, the work environment at Nippon Paint is a testament to the power of teamwork. Here, collaboration is not just a principle; it is the cornerstone of our operations. We strategize, coordinate, plan, decide, and execute as a unified team.

One illustrative example of this collaborative ethos is our involvement in planning and executing regular networking events for painters and dealers. In our strategic planning of customer-centric activities, such as events tailored for painters, we meticulously adopt their perspective to anticipate and fulfil their specific needs. This approach involves thoughtful considerations, such as offering breakfast during our morning events, and providing essential painting tools that enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in their work. By empathetically aligning with the requirements of our customers, we aim to not only meet but exceed their expectations, fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

As a devoted father, my family holds the utmost significance in my life. Remarkably, at Nippon Paint, the commitment to work-life balance has allowed me to prioritize family without compromising on professional dedication. Weekends have remained untethered to work commitments, enabling me to invest my full focus and passion into my responsibilities from Monday to Friday.

The trust vested in me by the company serves as a profound motivator. It inspires me to exert my utmost effort because I am driven by the desire to genuinely earn that trust. If someone were to inquire about working at Nippon Paint, and I believed they could contribute positively to the company, I would wholeheartedly convey that it is a truly exceptional workplace—a place where collaboration, creativity, and dedication converge to create a thriving professional environment.

Daniel Lee, Senior Executive
Daniel Lee
Senior Executive

Huang Yi Xin, Senior Manager
Huang Yi Xin
Senior Manager
Protective Coatings

My diverse background in construction and regional sales laid the foundation for my role, which involves collaborating with various stakeholders in the protective coatings industry. What drew me to Nippon Paint was a refreshing work culture that blended local and corporate approaches, making decision-making efficient. Unlike my previous job that demanded extensive travel, Nippon Paint offered a more balanced and fulfilling work experience.

My responsibilities include engaging with contractors, steel fabricators, applicators, and main contractors. The proximity of our Singapore factory allows us to meet orders with remarkable speed, a significant advantage against international competitors. I take pride in actively proposing specifications for projects to promote Nippon Paint products. The collaborative spirit within and across departments is a notable aspect, ensuring prompt support from the technical team.

Sustainability is another core value embraced by the company, aligning with my commitment to creating a better environment for future generations. The freedom to express creativity is encouraged here; my suggestion to distribute sweets for Deepavali as a gesture of inclusivity was embraced and implemented.

Maintaining health is a priority for me, and the generous annual leave policy allows me to indulge in activities like cycling. Nippon Paint's entrepreneurial culture is invigorating, particularly when launching new products and contributing to the company's success. Overall, I find joy and a sense of ownership in the work I do at Nippon Paint.

In early 2023, I embraced a new chapter in my professional journey by joining Nippon Paint as a Senior Executive in Sales and Marketing. Assigned to the household retail team — a burgeoning division within the company — I have been entrusted with the responsibility of serving existing clients and cultivating relationships with new accounts, primarily within the hardware store sector, encompassing independent retailers and select chains.

The transition from pharmaceutical sales to Nippon Paint has proven to be an enriching experience. Unlike my previous role, characterized by individual targets and ruthless competition, Nippon Paint fosters a collaborative environment where we collectively strive towards team targets, emphasizing shared success over individual accomplishments.

My typical workdays are predominantly spent in the field, engaging with hardware stores, with periodic visits to the office for team meetings and administrative tasks. Noteworthy is the supportive structure at Nippon Paint; my immediate superiors demonstrate a genuine concern for my well-being, monitoring stress levels and allocating additional tasks judiciously in alignment with my workload, reflecting a commendable commitment to employee welfare.

The transition from pharmaceutical sales to the realm of cleaning and hardware presented a significant leap; however, the transferability of basic skills has been evident. Nippon Paint has facilitated this transition by providing comprehensive product literature and a complete set of products for hands-on exploration.

What excites me about my future at Nippon Paint is the breadth of opportunities within the company. Beyond traditional paints, Nippon Paint's expansion opens up promising prospects in Sales. Regular communication from the Human Resources department regarding company restructuring and developments, coupled with transparent discussions in our weekly team meetings, engenders a sense of involvement and investment in the company's future.

Reflecting on my onboarding experience, the warm welcome extended by my colleagues has been pivotal in shaping a positive work culture. If anyone were to inquire about working at Nippon Paint, my response would be unequivocal —Welcome! I feel not only informed and involved but genuinely invested in the company's future, transcending the realm of paints.

Kris Lim, Assistant Manager
Kris Lim
Assistant Manager

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