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Ho Khet Seng, Senior Manager
Ho Khet Seng
Senior Manager
Technical TU

I am honoured to serve as a Senior Manager in the Technical department at Nippon Paint Singapore. Hailing from Malaysia, I embarked on my journey with the company in 2012 as a Chemist after completing my university education. The years have bestowed upon me numerous opportunities for continuous growth, culminating in my current role as Senior Manager. My personal life is enriched by my marriage and my role as a father to two young children.

In my current capacity, I hold the second-in-command position within the department, overseeing two dynamic teams dedicated to floor coatings and exterior paint. My responsibilities encompass diverse facets, including project management, team leadership and development, product development oversight, addressing technical challenges, providing essential technical services, and maintaining critical technical documentation. The ethos within my team mirrors that of a close-knit family, emphasizing open communication, appreciation for diverse perspectives, and a culture that encourages learning from mistakes. The workplace environment is characterized by transparency and active interaction between management and staff.

While Nippon Paint's historical forte lies in decorative paints, our foray into floor coatings began around 2013, marking a transformative journey from inception to the present. Leading this evolution fills me with immense pride. Collaboration with the commercial team is integral, allowing us to discern market trends and needs. Together, we chart a strategic course, meticulously developing and optimizing products to align with the varied applications and service requirements of our customers. The positive market reception has bolstered our credibility and trust.

As a father of two, my family stands as the focal point of my life. Balancing the demands of work with familial responsibilities has been not only manageable but also exciting. The company's relentless expansion and exploration beyond its traditional paint-centric domain add an extra layer of thrill to my professional experience. From a paint-centric entity a mere decade ago, Nippon Paint has evolved into a diversified force, reaching into various fields beyond paint.

Reflecting on my journey, if someone were to inquire about working at Nippon Paint Singapore, my response would highlight the company's rapid growth trajectory and diversification into new realms. Acknowledging the challenges that come with such dynamism, there is an unmistakable undercurrent of excitement. For those driven by a passion for progress and a commitment to a growth mindset, Nippon Paint Singapore offers an ideal platform to shape a fulfilling career.

As a Lab Technologist in the Technical department at Nippon Paint Singapore, my journey with the company began in March 2016, just before completing my Diploma in Chemical Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. My initial desire for hands-on lab work led me to transition from an internship in manufacturing at a pharmaceutical company to joining Nippon Paint as an Assistant Lab Technologist. Over the course of four years, I earned a promotion to my current position while concurrently pursuing further studies in Molecular Biology and Pharmaceutical Science on a part-time basis.

In my role, I support my superiors with lab tests and results analysis, benefiting from my academic background in Chemistry. This understanding adds a layer of depth to my work, making the testing of new paint formulations not only a professional responsibility but also a genuinely intriguing aspect of my daily routine.

One distinctive feature of working at Nippon Paint is the seamless flow of knowledge between departments. Collaborative projects often span multiple departments, requiring close coordination between Technical and Quality Assurance (QA). The synergy between formulating prototype batches in the Technical department and QA producing large batches is vital, as even slight variations can impact the performance of formulations.

Beyond the technical aspects, the company fosters a vibrant and inclusive culture. Nippon Paint regularly organizes events, celebrating various festivals and fostering a sense of unity among the staff. A highlight for me was the National Day carnival, where colleagues from all departments came together to enjoy shared meals and engage in nostalgic games like eraser stacking, five stones, chapteh, and 'mix 'n' match'.

The friendly and supportive atmosphere among colleagues is a cornerstone of my positive experience at Nippon Paint. This camaraderie is invaluable, considering the significant amount of time spent together. Indeed, the colleagues I interact with daily have become more than just coworkers—they are an essential part of my professional journey and, in many ways, an extended family.

Pearl Mak, Lab Technologist
Pearl Mak
Lab Technologist

Joy Capiones, Lab Technologist
Joy Capiones
Lab Technologist

Having joined the company in 2021 as a Lab Technologist after earning my Diploma in Applied Chemistry from Singapore Polytechnic, I am currently pursuing a part-time degree in Applied Chemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry.

My decision to apply for this role was driven by a passion for science and the direct relevance of the position to my academic background. This alignment allows me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world projects, creating a fulfilling and engaging work experience.

The dynamic nature of my work ensures that no day is routine, with a diverse range of projects spanning exterior, interior, and floor coatings. My current focus on floor coatings has introduced me to new challenges, and the learning curve remains perpetual. Close collaboration with my supervisor, who provides valuable guidance and mentorship, enhances my professional growth.

What truly sets Nippon Paint apart for me is the comfortable and open environment. Daily morning meetings facilitate effective communication, addressing announcements and concerns among all staff. The empowering culture extends to my direct supervisor, who values my suggestions and grants me the autonomy to make decisions while offering necessary guidance.

The camaraderie among colleagues is a cherished aspect, with department outings, short getaways, hiking trips, and dinners fostering a sense of friendship. The active Staff Welfare Club (SWC) further enhances our work experience, organizing enjoyable activities and monthly treats fully funded by the company, highlighting their commitment to our well-being.

As I focus on completing my studies, Nippon Paint's support, including paid exam leave and the willingness of colleagues to assist with assignments, is invaluable. Overall, my journey at Nippon Paint has been incredibly rewarding, contributing to both personal growth and knowledge. The supportive and enjoyable work environment adds an exciting dimension to my professional experience.

"I graduated with a major in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, with a minor in Environmental Sustainability from NTU. Intrigued by positive testimonials from seniors, I joined Nippon Paint for a 6-month internship. My role involved contributing to new product development project, during which I fine-tuned my time management skills and adapted to the demands of a deadline-driven work environment. My mentor's passion for cutting-edge research fuelled my exploration into protective coatings, presenting my findings during monthly technical meetings. Support from colleagues and supervisors fostered a positive work environment, prompting my decision to transition to a full-time role.

In my expanded role, managing multiple projects provided diverse experiences in developing and modifying protective coatings. Nippon Paint's strong commitment to sustainability aligns with my values. Currently, I'm involved in an eco-friendly project developing a water-based product for industrial use. The company showcases dedication to environmental conservation through initiatives like solvent recycling and solar panel installations. I appreciate the emphasis on identifying opportunities, including exploring biomass raw materials.

Interactions with fellow chemists, each specializing in different fields, enhance my continuous learning experience. Nippon Paint's employee welfare programs, such as the bi-annual dinner and dance, foster camaraderie. Winning the dance competition at the dinner and dance theme, "Once Upon a Time," was a thrilling experience.
Recognising the potential for professional advancement within Nippon Paint, especially in complementary markets like waterproofing and construction chemicals, aligns seamlessly with my career objectives. I aspire to be a role model for younger colleagues, inspired by the positive influences from my superiors."

Kang Yeow Kuan, Chemist
Kang Yeow Kuan

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