DIY Taboos: 4 Painting Shortcuts You Should Never Take

Painting your house is never a quick and easy job. As such, people often look for shortcuts to make their painting job less stressful. However, cutting corners may bring disasters that can necessitate a complete do-over. Here are some painting mistakes that you should never make:

1. Painting the walls in one coat

With only 24 hours in a day, we all want to save as much time as possible. When painting, many try to save time by covering the entire painting surface with a single layer of paint. This is a mistake that you should avoid. One coat of paint is typically only enough to even out your painting surface. If you think that one thick coat will solve the problem, you are mistaken. A thick layer will cause the paint to run and take even longer to dry, and is a huge painting mistake to avoid!

Thick coats of paint may also be more prone to cracking and peeling. For the best solution, apply two even coats, letting each coat dry in between painting.


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2. Painting over partially dry paint

This is another regular mistake that people often make to save time. Painting on coats that aren’t fully dry causes bad flow or levelling. This results in unsightly brush marks on your walls. In addition, the partially dry paint may peel off as you paint over it. Having dried paint peels stuck to your brush will cause your paint job to be messy and uneven.

Painting on partially dry paint also means that your new coat will have a hard time adhering to your painting surface. To avoid the hassle of waiting longer for your paint to dry or even re-painting your surface, it is best to adhere to the suggested drying time as instructed on your paint tin.


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3. Using the paint straight from the tin

Being lazy or not having the appropriate painting tools make for a painting disaster. Using the wrong tools or even dirty tools can cause a messy paint job and waste your paint — avoid this painting mistake!.

That aside, the worst thing that you can do while painting is using paint straight from the tin. Apart from the risk of making a huge mess, you will find it hard to get an even amount of paint onto your painting tool, especially if you are using a paint roller. You may also transfer any lumps and impurities in the paint onto your walls. Worse still, you risk contaminating the entire tin of paint with a dirty brush! The best way to paint your home is to transfer a small amount of paint onto a paint tray so that you can use your brush the right way.


4. Skipping primer when painting

Painting terms may get on your nerves, but there are a few basic painting terms you need to know before starting your paint job. One of these terms is ‘primer’. A primer is the first layer that needs to be applied to your painting surface to facilitate adhesion for subsequent layers of paint. It helps to conceal cosmetic blemishes as well as prevent moisture from seeping out to the surface. Don’t use the lack of money or time as an excuse not to use a primer before painting. Without a primer, you will end up using a lot more paint to coat. If you are not sure which kinds of primers work for your painting job, the Nippon Aqua Primer Sealer Undercoat is a good option that works with most surfaces such as concrete, fiberboard, metal, plastic and wood.


Now that you know what painting mistakes to avoid, all you need are the right painting tools. Proper painting tools will save you from any unnecessary painting disasters with these painting mistakes. Stop worrying – it’s time to get started on that fresh coat of paint!

27 Jun 2018

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