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Idea Bundles Paint Bundles

Paint Bundles

from $232.50

Odour-less Easy Wash Room Makeover Bundle

Paint Bundles

from $86.25

Anti-Mould Ceiling Bundle

Paint Bundles


Painting Tool Bundle - 1 Room

Paint Bundles

from $217.50

Easy Wash Room Makeover Bundle

Paint Bundles

from $71.18

ECO Door Refresh Bundle (Solid Colour)

Paint Bundles

from $228.75

Odour-less Room Makeover Bundle

Paint Bundles

from $222.00

Anti-Viral Room Protection Bundle

Paint Bundles

from $66.68

Door Refresh Bundle (Solid Colour)

Idea Bundles

from $270.24

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Choosing the right painting products is critical to a good painting result. Not only are they more cost efficient because they last longer, they save you time as well. Apart from offering quality products, we also provide a wide catalogue of painting resources to help you become a better painter.

Here are some guides that will help you choose the right painting tools.

To preview colours on your wall before purchasing, check out our Nippon Paint Colour Visualizer app where you can browse through the entire range of Nippon Paint shades easily on your mobile devices!