10 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends Of 2023 To Transform Your Culinary Space

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Thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover? One of the most impactful ways to breathe new life into this space is by updating the cabinet colours. As trends evolve and palettes shift, refreshing your kitchen cabinets with the latest trends can transform the entire ambiance of the room.

Whether you’re seeking a minimalist touch or a cosy vibe, these popular kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2023 can provide the inspiration you need to revamp your culinary space.


1. Black Elegance

Black coloured kitchenCredit: DevolKitchens

Black kitchen cabinets have become a popular trend in interior design over the years. They bring a sense of sophistication, depth and modernity to a kitchen’s aesthetic. Black can also pair well with a wide variety of colours and materials.

Darker woods, like walnut or mahogany, can be paired with black create a rich, luxurious ambiance. Marble also complements black exceptionally well. Its distinct veining provides a unique look when paired with other black elements, resulting in a sleek, cohesive design.

Dive into timeless elegance by painting your kitchen cabinets with our range of black paint:

Colour blob - Mysterious
Colour Blob - Crater Black
Colour blob - Black Hole
Crater Black
NP N 2030 A
Black Hole
NP N 3041 A


2. Beige Brilliance

Beige coloured kitchenCredit: Eclipse Kitchens

The power of beige lies in its versatility. It complements both modern minimalist designs and traditional aesthetics. Whether you’re pairing it with a sleek marble countertop or rustic wooden shelves, beige cabinets create a harmonious look.

Beige cabinets lend a feeling of expansiveness, making the area appear larger and more welcoming. It’s neither too stark like white nor too overpowering like some bolder colours. It hits the right balance, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking understated elegance.

Elevate your space by selecting from our range of beige paint shades:

Colour blob - Magnolia
Colour Blob - Almond Bits
Colour blob - Ivory
NP OW 2196 P
Almond Bits
NP OW 2204 P
NP OW 2251 P


3. Earthy Brown

Earthy Brown coloured kitchenCredit: Portland Modern Tudor Kitchen

Representing both the raw beauty of nature, brown brings an innate sense of nature into the heart of the home. From deep espresso to light walnut, the spectrum of brown offers a shade for every aesthetic. Darker shades of brown add depth to a kitchen, making the space feel richer and more sophisticated, while lighter shades can open up a room, lending an airy quality. 

Introduce vintage artefacts or decorative elements like old wooden bread boxes, wall-mounted telephones or antique spice racks. By melding the warmth and earthiness of brown cabinets with elements that evoke the charm of yesteryears, you can create a kitchen that feels both timeless and inviting.

Add warmth and depth to your kitchen with our range of brown paints:

Colour blob - Bottle Tree
Colour Blob - Japanese Curry
Colour blob - English Toffee
Bottle Tree
NP N 3122 A
Japanese Curry
NP N 3135 A
English Toffee
NP N 3156 A


4. Nautical Navy

Nautical Navy coloured kitchenCredit: Project #7 Transitional Kitchen, Singapore

Navy blue brings a sophisticated and timeless charm to kitchens. It exudes an elegance that seamlessly marries classic and contemporary designs. 

The beauty of navy blue lies in its adaptability. It can be paired with gold hardware for a touch of opulence, juxtaposed against granite countertops for added luxury or complemented with natural wood for a rustic charm. The dark hue is also great for concealing minor blemishes, smudges or stains that can be a common sight in bustling kitchens.

Transform your kitchen with sophistication and elegance with these shades of navy blue:

Colour blob - Cosmic Navy
Colour Blob - Deepsea
Colour blob - Borderline
Cosmic Navy
NP PB 1554 A
NP PB 2861 A


5. Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom coloured kitchenCredit: Pretty in Plaster – Burbidge Kitchen Makers

Traditionally associated with nurseries, pink has made its way into the broader interior design landscape. Think of rosy-hued cabinets paired with marble countertops or a soft petal backdrop enhancing gold or brass fixtures. The juxtaposition of pink with deep greens, blues or even blacks can create a striking visual contrast, adding depth and interest to the kitchen space.

Choose from our range of pink shades to infuse your space with warmth, charm and a sense of playfulness:

Colour blob - Mauve Pink
Colour Blob - Sugar Berry
Colour blob - Giggles
Mauve Pink
Sugar Berry
NP R 2294 P
NP R 2303 P


6. Sage Green Splendour

Sage Green coloured kitchenCredit: Bedrosians Tile and Stone

With nature-inspired palettes rising in popularity, green has emerged as a colour of choice in interior design. Sage green, in particular, has emerged as a favourite. The allure of sage green lies in its subdued elegance. Unlike the vibrant, leafy greens or deep emerald shades, sage has grey undertones and exudes a muted yet impactful aesthetic.

Sage green cabinets can be complemented by a range of materials and colours. Brass or gold hardware provides a luxurious touch, while wooden countertops or floors enhance the earthy feel of the space.

Transform your kitchen into a green oasis with these paint colours:

Colour blob - Treetop Walk
Colour Blob - Beaded Green
Colour blob - Garden Walk
Treetop Walk
NP BGG 2633 P
Beaded Green
NP BGG 2632 P
Garden Walk
NP BGG 2631 P


7. Taupe Harmony

Taupe Harmony coloured kitchenCredit: Creative Arts Center Transitional

With its delightful blend of grey and brown undertones, taupe serves as the perfect neutral backdrop. It’s neither too warm nor too cool, establishing a harmonious balance that complements a variety of décor elements.

Taupe cabinets can be paired with a plethora of colour palettes and finishes. Whether it’s a bold granite countertop, metallic hardware, or pastel-hued walls, taupe acts as the perfect canvas.

Decorate your cabinets with these shades of taupe:

Colour blob - Taupe Trophy
Colour Blob - Muted Nude
Colour blob - Dried Leaves
Taupe Trophy
NP N 3168 P
Muted Nude
NP N 3167 P
Dried Leaves
NP R 1377 P


8. Sunlit Yellow

Yellow coloured kitchenCredit: How To Decorate The Kitchen Using Yellow Accents

From lemon chiffon to mustard, yellow hues have been sweeping through interiors, giving homes a refreshing lift. Yellow cabinets breathe warmth and vibrancy into your cooking space, infusing it with optimism. It also pairs beautifully with a wide range of colours, from the deep tones of navy blue or forest green to the neutral shades of greys and whites. 

Choose from our range of yellow shades to give your kitchen and brand new look:

Colour blob - Lemon Chiffon
Colour Blob - Rich Mustard
Colour blob - Morning Delight
Lemon Chiffon
NP YO 2544 T
Rich Mustard
NP YO 2568 A
Morning Delight
NP YO 2518 P


9. Timeless White

White coloured kitchenCredit: MJ Kitchen and Bath

Trends come and go, but white cabinets have always held their ground. They effortlessly blend with a multitude of design themes, be it modern, farmhouse, coastal, or industrial. They are also a perfect match for almost any colour palette, allowing you to play with various accents and hues without restriction.

Consider adding warmth through wooden accents, gold hardware or even colourful decor elements. Decorative items like colourful bowls, vases or even light fixtures can be strategically chosen to complement or contrast the white palette.

Refresh your kitchen cabinet with these white shades for a classic look:

Colour blob - Light Wings
Colour Blob - Fur Ball
Colour blob - Fragrant White
Light Wings
NP OW 1005 P
Fur Ball
NP OW 2212 P
Fragrant White
NP OW 2171 P


10. Two-tone Colours

Two-tone Coloured kitchenCredit: A Jar of Dijon Mustard Inspired This Cheery Atlanta Kitchen Remodel

There’s no rule to say you can only use one colour for your kitchen cabinetry! Two-tone kitchen cabinets stand out as a visually intriguing design, offering a fresh perspective.

Unlike a uniform colour scheme, the two-tone approach adds a depth and dimension to kitchen spaces. This dynamic interplay between contrasting or complementary colours creates layers of visual interest, breaking the monotony often associated with single-colour cabinetry. 

Beyond aesthetics, the two-tone design serves a functional purpose. For instance, a darker hue for lower cabinets may handle wear and tear better, while a lighter shade above can enhance the perception of space and light.


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