Fuss-free Housekeeping for Families with Children

Kids are messy little people, but homes with kids need not be messy homes. On top of taking care of our children, we need to juggle a myriad of activities like work and socialising and there is scarcely any time left for housekeeping (especially when the floor is blanketed by a sea of toys). This is why we have come up with a few easy tips on how to keep a clean house with kids.

1. Put all toys into boxes without sorting


MIH83 / Pixabay

For many of us, there’s a certain compulsiveness from within to sort our children’s toys out according to colour or size etc. Maybe it’s because of all those Marie Condo inspired cleaning videos from Japan that populate our social feeds, but for us busy parents with young kids those are impractical stuff. An easier solution is to put the toys back into an accessibly located wicker basket, say placed at the corner of where your children usually play. If one basket is not enough, simply get a few of them. Just make sure that you put the toys into the baskets without choosing which to put where.

2. Clean mess as soon as sighted


Digital Buggu / Pexels

As busy parents, give up on the idea of doing major clean-overs, unless it’s spring cleaning. Even if you have time, major top-to-bottom cleaning takes up so much effort that you would’ve been too burnt out to other things by the time you finish. Instead, clearing a mess like a pile of abandoned lego bricks as soon as it appears will take less energy and get more done in the long run.

3. Regularly declutter


Benjamin Thompson / Flickr

In line with the previous tip, don’t wait for the clutter to pile up before they grow into mountains and you enter the procrastination cycle. When you have minimal clutter in your home, cleaning is also a lot easier and more effortless so you’ll have more time to tend to your little ones. So start sorting the clutter regularly like say, every Saturday. Consider donating your unwanted items to the Salvation Army, or Carousell them!

If there are items that you want to go into permanent storage, there are plenty of options like Extra Space Asia where you can keep your items at.

4. Coat your walls with Easy Wash with Teflon paint


Peter Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures

It is common knowledge that children love to doodle everywhere including the walls. Either way, they are just incredibly insistent on leaving stains on walls. Instead of having to rub them off laboriously, the simplest solution is to coat your walls with this god-sent Easy Wash: with this paint, any doodle or stain will come off easily. It is also free of dangerous substances like lead and mercury.

5.  Be extremely judicious with what you buy


Thaliesin / Pixabay

Perhaps the easiest tip of all is to be extremely judicious with what you bring into your home, be it a pretty but useless piece of furniture, or a ridiculously big Snorlax soft toy. That way you don’t have to add to your clutter or clean it.

13 Jul 2017

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