20 Ideas for Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls: Calming, Vibrant & Chic Designs

Looking to inject a little more personality into your bedroom design? Selecting a two coloured palette for your bedroom allows you to get creative while curating a look that’s boldly you. Dual coloured walls create more depth and are more visually memorable than single coloured walls.

Colours are known to have an effect on a person’s emotions and mental health. Choosing the right colours may help you feel more calm and relaxed after a long work day. If you want a boost of energy and creativity in the morning, certain combinations can do that too.

The possibilities are endless, so let’s take a look at some colour combinations for two colour bedroom walls to get you started!


Cool vs Warm Colours For Bedroom Walls

Before curating the perfect colour palette for your walls, it’s good to know the different effects cool and warm colours can have on your room. This includes the different emotions they evoke, what each colour represents and how well they work for bedrooms.

Cool Colours

Cool colours include blues, greens and purples like aqua, teal, emerald and lavender. They’re known for having a calming effect on the mind, making them great for relaxing and unwinding in bedrooms. Lighter shades of these colours can also make a small room feel bigger.

  • Blue – Represents serenity, purity and confidence
  • Green – Represents balance, rejuvenation and security
  • Purple – Represents creativity, royalty and wisdom


Warm Colours

Warm colours include reds, yellows and oranges like vermillion, gold, canary and coral. They have an energising effect on the psyche and are known to evoke emotions like love, happiness and passion.

This makes them great for couples and people who want to inject positivity into their early mornings.

  • Red – Represents love, passion and power
  • Yellow – Represents joy, positivity and brightness
  • Orange – Represents energy, comfort and abundance

Though typically used to bring warmth to social spaces like living rooms and kitchens, warm colours can make bedrooms feel more vibrant and bold. They’re also great as accents and feature walls as they bring a great pop of colour to any room.


Two Colour Combinations for Master Bedroom Walls

There are several types of colour combinations you can opt for when choosing two colours to paint your bedroom walls with, including:

  • Neutral colours
  • Complementary colours
  • Contrasting colours
  • Monochrome

In a master bedroom, it’s important for couples to decide on the mood they want to convey, while expressing their individual personalities. Colours like light red may even encourage love and passion between a couple, while neutrals like white promote calm and stability.


Neutral Colour Combinations

Pairing neutral colours is a great way to start experimenting with two-toned walls as they all complement each other pretty well!

Neutral colours include beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black, and white. A neutral palette makes a room feel peaceful and serene, making it great for bedrooms. This versatile palette can be used to evoke a whole range of emotions and moods such as:

  • Bright brown and cream – elegant and urbane
  • Taupe and beige – earthy and relaxing
  • Grey and white – sophisticated and contemporary
  • Black and white – bold and dramatic


Calming Colour Combinations

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Cool colours and muted tones work best when creating a calming look for your room. Pair them with neutrals like white or blue-grey on your walls or furniture to tie the room seamlessly together.

One way to have a calming two-tone room is to go monochrome with two different shades of blue like Clear Blue and Marshal Blue to emulate the feeling of cool, serene water. Pairing lighter shades of purple can also create a relaxing, peaceful ambience with a touch of femininity to it.


Vibrant Colour Combinations

Vibrant colour schemes can inject cheerfulness, positivity and liveliness to a place of retreat.

To achieve this, you’ll want to play with complementary colour pairs like blue–orange, red–green and yellow–purple. You can also do pink and blue (e.g. Pink Stockings and Sleepy Eyes) on the walls, tying it in with accent bed linen for a feeling of vibrant youthfulness.

You can also pair vivid colours like bright orange and pink to achieve a stunningly bold look.


Contrasting Colour Combinations

Contrasting colours make a room look more dynamic by bringing out opposing qualities in each other. Pairing a lighter and darker colour, or a warmer and cooler colour can bring more visual weight to your room. This helps you place emphasis on your room’s gorgeous design features!

Grey and Yellow

As Pantone’s colours of the year in 2021, it’s hard to resist this immaculate colour combination. The solid and stable nature of grey brings out the cheerfulness and optimism of yellow beautifully.

Painting your walls a muted grey with a strip of yellow (e.g. Evening in Siam and Yellow Submarine) in the middle feels like a ray of sunlight shining right through your room. If you want to incorporate yellow more subtly, a painted wall accent can still bring contrast to the space.

To complete the look, furnish your room with black, white, grey and yellow furniture and artwork.


Pink and Green

Pink and green is an exuberant complementary colour combination that brings out the best in each other.

A muted green and dusty pink pairing like Parrot Green and Wet Clay is chic, sophisticated and rejuvenating all at once. The soothing nature of cool greens is contrasted by a touch of warmth and passion from the pink.

Bring up the saturation and a stronger pink-green pair can be fun and playful, recharging you with a fresh dose of inspiration each morning. You can even go bold and glamorous with a deep emerald and pastel pink colour scheme.


Painted Feature Wall Ideas with Two Colour Combinations

With a two-toned feature wall, you get to boldly express a wider range of your personality. Get creative with shapes, patterns and colours to get the right mood out of your room’s focal point!


Stripes Painted Wall

Striped walls are great for making a room look larger, or for directing a person’s attention towards or away from the features of a room. Vertical stripes are usually used to make ceilings look higher, while horizontal ones make a room look wider.

Using two colours for a striped wall creates a bold statement in your room. Go for a fun, lively look with alternating pastel pinks and blues against white. Stripes can also add a dynamic twist to a monochromatic colour scheme like Sweet Granita and Summer Berry


Geometric Painted Wall

A geometric painted feature wall will surely grab anyone’s attention. Vibrant and mesmerising, this wall design embraces freedom and creativity no matter the colours you pick.

Go for bold and punchy with sharp lines in Tempest Sea (dark blue) cutting through a solid block of Aquatic Pool (cyan blue). Just looking at it will give you a boost of confidence. If you prefer something more seamless, a calming lilac etched with white lines brings a dynamic but balanced mood to the room.


Painted Boho Arches

A refreshing trend in recent years, painted arches add a pop of colour to a room without you having to paint an entire feature wall. Painted above a bed, it can even stand in as a headboard if you don’t have one.

Choose two tones of your room’s predominant colour, like salmon and peach in a rose-coloured room, to blend the arch seamlessly in. A Lalique Peach (beige) arch on a Fur Ball (off-white) wall can even make you feel like you have an extra window overlooking a sun-kissed sky.


FAQs About Paint Colour Combinations For Bedrooms

Which two colour combination is best for the bedroom?

Different colours and combinations can evoke different moods and emotions, so choosing the best combination depends on personal preference and taste. Cool colours like blue, green and purple can promote calmness while warm colours like red, yellow and orange are energising.

Some colour combinations you can create are:

  • Neutral e.g. taupe and white
  • Calming e.g. light blue and white
  • Vibrant e.g. bright orange and pink
  • Contrasting e.g. grey and yellow

You can also create two coloured feature walls with stripes, geometric shapes and painted boho arches.


What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

Cool colours like blue and green with soft tones can make a room look bigger and brighter. Colours like white and yellow are also great at catching light, bringing brightness to a room.

Design-wise, stripes or wall trims painted in a lighter colour than your walls can also get the space to seem bigger.

Which colour is best for sleeping?

Light shades of blue, green and purple are great for promoting sleep as they have a calming effect on the psyche. Neutral colours like beige and tan can soothe the mind as well, creating an optimal environment for sleep.

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