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Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Gold, Blue, Black

Golden Charmer
NP YO 1191 D

Lingering Blue
NP PB 1523 P

Crater Black
NP N 2030 A

COF Animals Chart

Ranked / 排 名: 4

  • Star Luck / 运 程
  • Luck / 运 程:
  • (80%)

Auspicious Direction(s):

Auspicious Direction(s)

Southeast, Northwest

Auspicious Number:

Auspicious Number


Benefactor Signs:

Benefactor Signs

Snake (蛇), Pig (猪)



With the Star of Aid, everything shall go smoothly and misfortunes will turn into blessings. You will get help from benefactors when in need. As you have always treated others with kindness, you shall easily gain support from your wide network to advance in your career and gain a strong foothold at work. Influenced by unlucky stars, you may be easily distracted and feel restless. 




Your living expenses have increased, but you can cope as your fortune improves. Wealth accumulation should be your key priority when managing finances. Consider investing to get better returns. If you have limited funds, it is safer to grow your savings account before investing in low-risk funds.




You will easily get help and support from benefactors. Things often go smoothly for you, but you can be picky and critical under the influence of the unlucky stars. Mind your words and be more forgiving of others. Singles are likely to meet someone suitable through the help of benefactors. Consider seeking advice from your friends or elders if you feel hesitant.




Although you have good health, you are prone to anxiety. Rest well and indulge in leisure activities to relieve stress. You can overcome challenges with the help of benefactors, as long as you stay humble and keep a low profile. You are what you eat, so pay attention to your diet. Be kind to your body by eating moderately and healthily.   




You can expect new career opportunities. You will be duly rewarded if you work hard and apply your expertise. Businesspeople can easily grow their customer base, which will bring a greater income. This year, you may easily feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Stay calm and think carefully, so as to make the right decisions.


Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Gold, Blue, Black

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