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Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Red, Yellow, Brown

Cotillion Red
NP AC 2071 A

Lemon Yellow
NP YO 1090 P

Newtowne Brown
NP N 1890 A

COF Animals Chart

Ranked / 排 名: 9

  • Star Luck / 运 程
  • Luck / 运 程:
  • (56%)

Auspicious Direction(s):

Auspicious Direction(s)

Southeast, Southwest

Auspicious Number:

Auspicious Number


Benefactor Signs:

Benefactor Signs

Snake (蛇), Goat (羊)



This will be a year of hard work, but you can make good progress in your career and business under the guidance of the Achievement Star. That said, you may encounter many challenges brought about by unlucky stars and feel helpless. Remember to pay attention to your health and safety.




Average wealth luck makes it difficult for you to accumulate wealth. Everything will be fine as long as you don’t incur deficits. As your career advances, there will be substantial expenses, leading to financial constraints as you try to meet these short-term obligations. Saving money is the top priority, so avoid spending extravagantly. Stay away from high-risk investments that may lead to a money crisis.




Affected by the Emotional and ​Yearning ​stars, try to control your emotions instead of quarrelling with others. It helps to do things that make you happy. Singles are likely to engage in a whirlwind romance, but you are advised to think twice to determine if the other party is the right one.




You may feel depressed and troubled this year. Amidst your fragile emotions, remember that extreme mood swings will lead to health issues. Hence, your top priority lies in staying calm and happy. Pay more attention to your liver. Try to avoid drinking, and improve your sleep quality.




Horses are confident and passionate. Coupled with support from the Achievement Star, you shall thrive further at work this year. Nevertheless, stay humble and keep a low profile as ​unclucky stars threaten to bring about stumbling blocks. As your workload increases, you may feel aggrieved even as you cope with circumstances. Try to adjust your attitude and go with the flow.


Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Red, Yellow, Brown

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